Stainless Steel IT HMI

The HMI IT series 7 ” wide and 12″ with stainless steel front AISI 304 / V2A and TRUE-FLAT touch screen make cleaning quick and easy.

Thanks to the very high protection front degree IP69K according to ISO EN 20653 HMIs offer excellent chemical resistance to highly corrosive substances (such as cleaning chemicals, alkaline substances, etc…) and resistance to frequent washing at high pressure, such as in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

The large radius of curvature of the outside frame (increased by 4 times compared to the minimum required by law) prevents deposition and contamination of bacteria or microbes on the front. In addition, the front panel complies with DIN EN1672-2, EHEDG guideline and FDA requirements in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical.

The stainless steel IT HMIs are equipped with industrial displays and high brightness White LED backlight, touch screen technology with 4 or 5 wires that ensure optimal functionality even with superficial damage on the surface.

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